This is a blog dedicated to promoting diversity in Literature, giving a space for the voices of the Americas. It is also meant to be an online home for information about written works that explore this unique space where the Eagle and Condor meet.

Condor Musings is a blogbeat partner of Latina Lista. If you believe your online site or business shares a similar mission, please contact us to find out how we can partner and mutually support empowerment through literacy.

This is the official blog for Condor Book Tours (a service of NBCOM) and just like every aspect of our business, this blog reflects our mantra:

It’s more than business, it’s personal.

“Write what you will, in whatever style you like.

Too much blood has run under the bridge to go on believing that only one road is right.”

~ Nicanor Parra 

Please note that books, interviews, spotlights and news that are tagged Condor Book Tours, are clients who have hired us for publicity support and have compensated us financially. Condor Book Tours is a literary publicity service under NBCOM. We are pleased to work with authors, publishers, publicists, and nonprofit organizations to help promote literary works which align with our mission. For more information about the service Condor Book Tours, visit our website at www.condorbook.com

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