Spirited Leadership…52 Ways to Build Trust

Spirited Leadership

We are excited to announce the release of the innovative and expanded third edition of the best-selling self-help book, Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust.

Since 1998, Spirited Leadership has proven to equip readers for success regardless of external forces by harnessing their personal power. This book is a real-world blueprint, toolkit and solution for staying competitive and relevant, for living boldly and courageously.

The 52 Ways equips readers to embrace inevitable obstacles and use them for breakthroughs — not breakdowns. The 52 Ways did that for the author. They took Ellen Castro off the exhausting treadmill of “never enough” onto an energizing, amazing path of authenticity and meaningful success.

Trust is the competitive advantage in a world where competence alone is not enough to succeed in business or in life. Spirited Leadership is the reader’s uplifting personal power leadership workout for unpredictable and exciting times!

  • Gain practical, insightful “how-to” exercises and success applications with “Coaching Moments” for liberating inner greatness, amplifying the potential in others and increasing your emotional stamina.
  • Build leadership muscle by improving emotional intelligence, social skills and people smarts to achieve greater success with and through people.
  • Strengthen the reader’s brand value and reputation.
  • Get quick yet lasting results with this user-friendly guide and reference. Live Empowered! Live Energized! Dare to be Greater with Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build

Join us from November 18-27 as we tour with Ellen Castro & Spirited Leadership. Follow along with this schedule:

Monday 11/18:
Condor Musings, audio interview with Ellen Castro https://condormusings.wordpress.com
Tuesday 11/19:
Latino Books Examiner Q&A with Ellen Castro
Wednesday 11/20:
Que Means What Book Review
Monday 11/25:
Latina Book Club Q&A with Ellen Castro
Tuesday 11/26:
Leading Beyond the Status Quo audio interview with Ellen Castro
Wednesday 11/27:
Latina Lista Guest Post by Ellen Castro
Make sure you tune in right here to Condor Musings on Monday Nov 18 for an interview with Ellen Castro!
Best-selling author Ellen Castro

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