Condor Book Tour: Spirited Leadership…52 Ways to Build Trust by Ellen Castro

Spirited Leadership by Ellen Castro

Welcome to Day 1 of the Condor Book Tour of Spirited Leadership…52 Ways to Build Trust by Ellen Castro.

This is the expanded 3rd edition of the best-selling book which has helped thousands build trust and leadership skills in the workplace and in their lives since 1998.

We had the great opportunity to spend some time with Ellen recently. Listen in to our interview with Ellen to gain insights about Ellen’s story and how Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust can help you become a better leader and catalyst for positive change in the workforce and your community:

Then purchase your own copy of the book and transform the way you lead.

Check out the rest of the Condor Book Tour schedule here.

Ellen Castro, battered her head on the glass ceiling at Exxon in the mid-1980s while scrambling up the corporate ladder. One fateful, dreary day in Houston, Ellen’s boss, Ray, called her into his corner office. As Ray doodled, he informed her he was blocking her sixth promotion in 11 years. Stunned and dumbfounded, she asked why. He simply stated he did not like her or her jewelry. The world she knew imploded. She quit during a massive reorganization a few months later. Within a year — call it luck, synchronicity or grace — Ellen was attending Harvard University to earn her second Masters.

The devastating, demoralizing, humiliating experience of losing her spirit and soul at work became her launching pad to living a life of excellence, having a rewarding career and enjoying a fulfilling life.

Ellen writes, “What I considered punishment was simply preparation.” Ellen believes we are always being prepared to do greater works. Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust equips readers to embrace inevitable obstacles and use them as breakthroughs, not breakdowns – to redefine failure. The 52 Ways provide a personal power leadership workout to success regardless of external forces. “We are our choices,” says Ellen. “Live empowered. Transform your life from the inside out. Dare to Be Greater!” For more information or to purchase a copy, please visit

Best-selling author Ellen CastroAbout the Author

Ellen Castro, Chief Energizing Officer, is a best-selling empowering author, exhilarating speaker, a global consultant and a trusted coach since the 1980s. She gives immediate results and real lasting solutions for her clients spanning 17 industries and 11 countries. Ellen’s clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies to non-profits to schools and individuals. She has touched millions via keynotes and media appearances. Ellen earned her MEd from Harvard and MBA from Southern Methodist University where she served on the faculty of The Business Leadership Center. Liberate and amplify greatness with Ellen – your competitive edge.

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