Latino Literature featured in Twitter Parties!

As many of you know, we recently wrapped up Part One of the Good Night Captain Mama [Condor] Book Tour.

To celebrate the conversations started regarding this first-of-its-kind book, written and published bilingually by a Latina Veteran Mom, we decided to throw a twitter party. Some of our favorite comments are listed below:

You can check out the (almost) complete tweet doc here:

About the Book

OCGente OCGente: @GraceTiscareno @CondorBookTours it is an honor to post about someone with so many talents #captmama

GraceTiscareno Did you see this piece by @OCGente that captures the pride of my military service & my heritage. #captmama -10:57 AM Apr 26th, 2013

GraceTiscareno Challenge of writing this book was keeping complexity of military service simple. Props to @TheSteelDoll @robuco_rosi for Spanish! #captmama -10:55 AM Apr 26th, 2013

GraceTiscareno Illustrator Linda Lens is daughter of AirForce #veteran! Meet her here: #captmama -11:02 AM Apr 26th, 2013

About Importance of Bilingual Literature:

LatinaLista @nilkibenitez #captmama we need more of them — and in more languages! -11:23 AM Apr 26th, 2013

coach_sue @CondorBookTours Do you think it creates more connection and decreases conflict? #captmama -10:34 AM Apr 26th, 2013

AlexandraRoman RT @nilkibenitez: I love how bilingualism increases real value/productivity & humanity & of course creativity #captmama -10:52 AM Apr 26th, 2013

GraceTiscareno coach_sue Gr8 Q! #1 Bilingualism=brain developed 2learn more-different language construction requires diffnt type of thinking. #captmama -10:32 AM Apr 26th, 2013

Monica Olivera@LatinMami  @CondorBookTours It is a great way to engage parents and encourage them to read aloud   to their child & develop #literacy skills #captmama

About Resistance:

LEEandLOW @CondorBookTours Oh yes, esp. in schools. Either schools LOVE bilingual books, or don’t want them at all. #captmama -10:39 AM Apr 26th, 2013

En Español:

  @olasdepaz: @CondorBookTours es importante que nuestros chicos americanos/latinos mantengan cultura y idioma! #captmama -11:08 AM Apr 26th, 2013

CondorBookTours Que piensan? Deberemos comprar libros en español para nuestros hijos americanos? #captmama -10:55 AM Apr 26th, 2013

UtopiaMediaEnt @nilkibenitez @condorbooktours definitivamente. Son demasiados los beneficios que ellos obtienen al ser bilingües. #captmama -10:57 AM Apr 26th, 2013

About Patriotism

GraceTiscareno a monolingual society a more patriotic one? Absolutely NOT. 🙂 I’m proud 2B a bilingual Latina military officer! #captmama -10:50 AM Apr 26th, 2013

GraceTiscareno Ironic: rich parents in NYC paying big $$ to have their kids learn Spanish while some ELL teachers want 2hide the Spanish. #captmama -10:48 AM Apr 26th, 2013

CondorBookTours @leeandlow from National Council of Teacher’s of English (NCTE) learning BOTH languages prepares a student better in ENGLISH! #captmama -10:42 AM Apr 26th, 2013

And Lastly:

CondorBookTours Thanks @gracetiscareno 4 joining us & sharing ur insights & experience w/ ur beautiful bilingual book Good Night Captain Mama #captmama -11:06 AM Apr 26th, 2013

Mark your calendars for another exciting Latino Literature Twitter Party, this time hosted by our friends Latinas 4 Latino Literature with guest Junot Díaz! Monday May 6 9-10pm EST

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