October OSCURO presents A Death in Newport: a reading by Michael Hogan

Happy Halloween!!

Vampires? Werewolves? Zombies? These Halloween icons got Nada on the nightmare which is corporate globalization and its far-reaching choke hold on Central and South American democracy.

So our special treat to you today, dear readers, is a reading of an excerpt of A Death in Newport by author Michael Hogan.

About the book:

(from Amazon reviewer John Stephen Beauchamp)

Michael Hogan’s new novel is a police thriller of a different sort. The main character, Gary Regan, starts his journey from Guadalajara to Newport, RI, his hometown, in order to attend the funeral of his father, Michael Regan, a well known left-wing intellectual and activist in town for an international conference, who has died of a fall from the cliffs of Rough Point. Along the way, Gary also looks into his own past and takes stock of prior problems with alcohol and drugs, his lack of success beyond his present job as tennis instructor in Guadalajara, and his poor relationship with his father the past ten years. Once he arrives in Newport, he soon finds himself entangled in an increasingly complex web of mysteries regarding his father’s death and his own family history. He also meets and befriends a homeless alcoholic, Tommy Sullivan, who starts his own quest to stop drinking and along the way becomes a integral part of the plot. Readers will enjoy seeing beneath the surface of Newport into the shadow world of politics, power, money, drugs, and international intrigue that links Newport with Latin America. They will learn about some of the problems in Bolivia with deforestation, worker abuse, violent gangs, and will be surprised to see how these ultimately connect with people and business practices in Newport. The novel is a real page turner, and once they start, readers will want to keep going until they see the pieces of the puzzle fall into place in surprising and interesting ways. As the characters develop and learn more about themselves and the way things work in a complex world, readers will feel privileged to share the journey.

About Michael Hogan:

 Michael Hogan is the author of eighteen books including The Irish Soldiers of Mexico which formed the basis for an MGM film starring Tom Berenger. He was born and raised in Newport, Rhode Island, and works as a consultant for the State Department in Latin America.

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