Octobe OSCURO presents indie bookstore Dulce Bread and Book Shop’s Top Picks

Dulce Bread & Book Shop treats its readers to suspenseful and mysterious short reads with Latino authors and Arte Público Press!

Today is our double whammy with one of our favorite indie bookstore and long time supporter of Condor Book Tours offering up a tasty treat of mysterious reads from one of our favorite publishers, Arte Público Press

Enjoy! Aproveche!

Alonso M Perales / Brujas, Lechuzas y Espantos
Mario Acevedo / Oh, Yeah
Lucha Corpi / Hollow Point at the Synapses
Sarah Cortez / In My Hands
Carolina Garcia-Aguilera / The Right Profile
Alicia Gaspar de Alba / Shortcut to the Moon
Carlos Hernandez / Los Simpaticos
Rolando Hinojosa-Smith / Nice Climate, Miami
Bertha Jacobson / A Broken String of Lace
John Lantigua / A Reunion with Death
Arthur Munoz / Made in China
R. Narvaez / In the Kitchen with Johnny Albino
LM Quinn / A Not So Clear Case of Murder
Manuel Ramos / The Skull of Pancho Villa
S Ramos O’Briant / Death, Taxes… and Worms
A E Roman / Under the Bridge
Steven Torres / Caring for Jose
Sergio Troncoco / A New York Chicano

Visit Dulce Bread and Book Shop’s online book store or Arte Publico Press to learn more about these titles and to order you copies!

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