New Beginnings

It’s nice to have a new home. I’ve learned so much over the last few years and have grown restless with my previous platform. So much so that my blog Musings slowly turned into an online version of an urban platform on which to glue event flyers.

Nothing wrong with that, and I’ll continue to post events at Musings, but we’re here because I needed a space to share, and a space to properly highlight the talented and passionate writers I’m honored and blessed to be working with.

So here we are. Thank you to those of you who have come over from facebook, twitter & Musings, and welcome new friends and old, to CondorMusings.

This is a blog dedicated to promoting diversity in Literature, supporting fellow writers, continuing to grow as a writer, and making a living at all of it.

This is the official blog for Condor Book Tours and just like every aspect of my business, this blog will reflect my mantra:

It’s more than a business, it’s personal.

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